INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED & PERSONAL CINEMATIC WEDDING FILMS Capturing your special day with a unique blend of traditional Irish storytelling, filmmaking craft & modern digital cinema techniques.

Grá Films - Wedding Cinematography

Your wedding film will be one of your most treasured possessions after the day.
This is why Grá Films deliver a carefully crafted & beautiful film,
truly reflective of those very special memories.
Nothing else can quiet capture the nerves in your voice, your partners cute
mannerisms and the tears and pride in your families faces like a wedding film
and let’s not forget the entertaining dance floor moves!

Why Use Us

We record and produce individually crafted & high quality films to record the most special moments of your wedding day. We do this with a style that combines the old traditional style of wedding video with the more modern cinematic style, giving clients the maximum quantity and quality of product. Using our 10-year experience documentary film editing techniques by our highly skilled team, we can also offer this for a price that is much lower than competitors offering a comparative cinematic service. We can also offer HD or 4K resolution on recordings/films.


Grá Films Wedding Cinematography

110 Main Street,
Co Tyrone

T: +44 (0)28 82 840228